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So I have spent the past few weeks trying to get better at Go. I wanted to share a really good resource that I found useful and it’s called Go By Example. I love this site because it provides easy to understand examples for pretty much any of the basic things in Go. As a PHP developer I know how I would like to solve a problem, perhaps I need a for loop and maybe I don’t feel 100{25926e1ae733c694be1fca7aad2c08379e63fd61e8d02131996d4c61b85a2b0a} sure how to write this. In that case I can turn to go by example which has a great example of a for loop in go.

So lately I have been working on my side project tournify.io which is a site where you can create tournaments for free. The current site is written in Laravel and contains plenty of bugs. My current goal is to rewrite all the logic with a go backend and use ReactJS for the front end. I have my good friend Alx101 helping me with the frontent. Both Go and ReactJS is pretty new to us so we will see how it goes.

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