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Facebook – A Free $10 Credit Will Be Applied When …

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Recently I have been getting “spam” notifications from Facebook where it says that “A free $10 credit will be applied when you boost a post”. I have not managed any Facebook pages for months and I have not personally posted anything and therefore I found this pretty annoying. See the image below.

It would have been fine if this was a one time notification but it kept popping up every day or so. I decided to click the notification to see where it let. Maybe clicking the notification would make it stop? Clicking the notification takes me to an error page, I have tried this on multiple occasions and it is still the same result shown below.

I would also get the notification in chrome as I had enabled notifications for Facebook in chrome.

Chrome Facebook notification
Chrome Facebook notification

I tried clicking this notification and it simply takes me to a blank white page which never loads.

This made the notification even more annoying, why send me a notification that doesn’t go anywhere. Now I needed to figure out how to turn this off, I checked my page notification settings and they were all turned off (I get invited to “help” administer a lot of pages because friends and family see me as an expert because I work with computers).

Turn off Facebook notifications
Turn off Facebook notifications

All my page notifications had already been turned off so clearly this wasn’t the answer. I was getting the notification anyways. Then I remembered that I tried Facebook ads several years ago and figured the notification was coming from some old account there.

Turning off Facebook Ads Notifications

After some searching I finally found my Facebook ads account and the settings page where I could change my notification preferences. To get there go to your Facebook Ads account. Click the cogwheel in the top right corner and then click notifications on the left hand side. Here you can toggle notifications on or off which should disable the notification above.

Turn off Facebook Ads notifications
Turn off Facebook Ads notifications

I hope that helps anyone else who runs into this problem. Feel free to share your own problems with Facebook notifications below. It’s always interesting to hear.

Edit: The above solution might work but if it does not you might have to just figure out what page is making new posts. Most likely it is a page you are an administrator or editor to. Try changing your role to something lower or remove yourself from this role completely. I wish Facebook made this easier to manage.


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