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Add a custom bot integration to Slack

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It’s possible to create bots for your Slack channels and workspaces via custom integrations. First you will need to create a bot for your Slack workspace. To do this you need permissions to add a custom configuration. Simply go to your workspace url and add admin at the end as shown in the picture

Once logged in to the main area you will see a menu on the left hand side. Click on “Configure apps” to check if you already have the bots integration added or if you need to add it.

If you do not have the bots configuration added you can simply search for it at the top of the screen in the apps directory.

Click on “Add configuration” to add the bots configuration to your workspace and start making bots.

Now you will be prompted for a bot name, this is the same as a username for a normal user and will be shown when talking to the bot via Slack. After filling in this information you will see the API token needed to make calls to the API. You can also customise the bot icon and display name among other things. Using the bot user integration documentation you will be able to make bots that post messages and respond to events in channels. Please take a look at our other posts that cover Slack for how to guides for programming Slack bots. With this information you can invite your bot to a channel like so.

And use an API call to post a message.

I hope this guide has helped. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you found it useful or have a question!


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