I am a developer working mainly with Go and PHP on a daily basis. This past weekend I got invited to the Github Copilot Technical Preview and decided to spend my entire weekend testing it out. I know there is some controversy regarding Copilot and I want to disregard that and focus on the practicality […]

Minimalism in Web Development

As I spend more and more time working with bloated frameworks in web development I am starting to miss the minimalism I saw when I got started. I wish websites didn’t need to load megabytes of data to display simple pages. I believe a lot of websites do not benefit at all from frameworks like […]

How Switching Domain Registrars Saves Me $300+/Year

When registering a domain it’s typically easy to find domain registrars with good deals, perhaps just $1 to get any domain name you want. That’s a trick to reel you in in the hopes that you will keep that domain for many years without switching registrar. The renewal fees and any additional offerings such as […]

Join Slack - Public Slack Community

I recently stumbled across a tweet by Melvin Davis on Twitter where he mentioned a simple tool that he had created using Go that instantly sends a Slack invite when an email is entered. This allows us to make a public slack community that anyone can join. Check-out the auto invite sender to join #slack […]